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Watson students enjoy ‘human board games’ thanks to Foundation grant

Fifth-grade teacher Andrea Grubb wrapped up Ella Santos and two of her classmates. This group won the toilet paper wrap-up competition.


The enthusiasm and excitement were palpable at Floyd B. Watson Elementary School on Jan. 12 as the gymnasium was transformed into a life-size game board. As part of the school’s year-long theme, “The Power of Play,” all students participated in the Human Board Games assembly, an initiative made possible through a grant written by teachers to the Rockville Centre Education Foundation.

The students were divided into red, blue and green teams, and competed and cheered on their classmates through a variety of fun-filled and team building activities using Hula hoops, toilet paper, and playing cards. One of the highlights of the assembly was the lip-syncing contest, which had the entire school singing and dancing.

Members of the Red Team cheered on their teammates.


Watson School believes that play is a fundamental and necessary component of well-rounded students. Children who play together learn to take turns, to communicate clearly and to think strategically. The students certainly proved that learning is fun.

“The Human Board Game assembly was the most incredible team-building experience I have ever seen in an elementary school,” said fifth-grade teacher Andrea Grubb. “The gym was rocking! The children were very excited and everyone participated. It was just typical of a highly spirited day at Watson School!”

Teaching assistant Blair Borut and student Layla Anisansel dominated the lip-syncing competition.


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