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Individual Elementary School Grants

Covert Elementary School Grants

Integrated Music and Movement
Program providing expertise in engaging children with special needs in activities and music along side peers in mainstream classes.

Enrichment Clusters
Program with designated school time to provide enrichment activities for students that include practical choices such as technology, science, film-making, choreography and writing.
Journeys into American Indian Territory
An in-school field trip that provides practical experience with Native American cultural activities.

Hewitt Elementary School Grants

Panning for Gold
Program with author to integrate history, literacy and science related to the Gold Rush.

Horticulture/Beautification Project
Combined ecology and landscaping subjects to create garden project on the school property.


Riverside Elementary School Grants

Science Enrichment Through the Integration of Technology
Digital microscopes which integrate into the science curriculum to use with Smart Boards in an effort to visually present material and discuss collectively.

Think Through Math
Web-based adaptive math program which assesses ability and provides differentiated activities to support student needs

Reading Our Way to Commendable Character
Program to include books that emphasize positive decisions and moral values

Watson Elementary School Grants 

Sound Body, Sound Mind
School-year program to combine physiology and its relationship to a healthy mind, including addressing intelligences and learning methods.

Innovative Problem Solving and Brain Games
Thematic curriculum that emphasizes creative cognitive processes by engaging students in challenging activities, highlighting methods, and discovering brain physiology.


Wilson Elementary School Grants

Bio Art Enrichment Program
Program integrating the beauty of science with opportunities to create art, thus improving both scientific knowledge and artistic techniques.

Art Travelers Through Time

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