Grant Application Guidelines

The Board of Directors encourages teachers to think “big;” teachers can broaden their expectations of possible enrichment

programs. Every effort will be made to raise money to fund proposed projects that will better prepare our children for the

demands of the 21st century.

Applications deadline for 2022 TBD

Your Grant Application should include a detailed description of the project including ALL of the following criteria:

  • Description of the educational goals and objectives

  • Description of the long-term impact of the program

  • How will the program be integrated into or supplemented to the current curriculum?

  • How many students will be directly participating in the program?

  • Specify how this program is different from programs already in place and why you believe it to be important in enhancing district goals and student achievement.


Additional supporting documents, if helpful, include:

  • Itemized budget

  • Starting and completion dates

  • Explain how the project will be evaluated and by whom. How do you plan to measure how your project fulfills its objectives?


The grant committee does not regularly award the same grant for more than two consecutive years unless there is a compelling reason to do so. In developing your application, please consider ways to sustain your project for the future. If you have any questions, please contact