Grant Application Guidelines

Applications are due by Tuesday, November 15, 2022.

The Rockville Centre Education Foundation fosters innovation in our classrooms by securing and providing financial resources for school enrichment—focusing on programs reaching beyond the curriculum's usual scope.

The Foundation funds special projects which educators propose to expand the horizons of the classroom experience in our local public schools. All applications undergo a review process by the Foundation.

We encourage and approve applications that; foster collaboration among teachers and schools, are multi-disciplinary, and have the potential to grow in scope with continued impact in future years. The Foundation does not typically provide repeat funding for grants. In developing your application, please consider ways to sustain your project for the future.


To complete this application, you need to consider the following:

IMPORTANT: you will need a signed letter of acknowledgment from your principal stating that they are aware and supportive of this project. Please upload this letter when you submit your application, as indicated in the form. (PDF or JPG file types acceptable)